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Mission and Vision

Our Mission

To deliver to government and business clients the highest caliber of network-related IT consulting. We believe this is only possible by deploying a select team of seasoned specialists who are passionate about their craft and innovative in their use of technology.

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Our Vision

We strive to be long-term partners in success by treating our clients preferentially, deferentially, and with integrity, and by not just meeting but exceeding their expectations.

Core Values

At Ashburn Consulting we value our customers and employees and providing exceptional service to both.

CUSTOMERS– Ashburn values customers and continuously strives to deliver exceptional customer service in the form of the “Wonderful Customer Experience”, which means to delight the customer by effectively meeting or exceeding customer expectations in the most efficient, effective, and service-friendly way and for a fair price.

EMPLOYEES– Ashburn values employees and a skilled workforce and continuously strives to retain the best talent and deliver exceptional employee service in the form of the “Wonderful Employee Experience”, which means to nurture an environment of human kindness that treats all employees with fairness, equity, dignity, and respect and fosters their growth and development.

EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE– Ashburn values providing exceptional service and strives for continuous improvement in results and work effort by encouraging each employee to have high standards and to do their best in helping us to become the best that we are capable of becoming.