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About Us

About Ashburn Consulting

Ashburn Consulting (“Ashburn”) is incorporated in Virginia and was founded in 2002 with a mission to solve client IT challenges with technology. Ashburn Consulting is a minority-owned small business (certified by the National Minority Supplier Development Council) and ISO 9001:2015 certified for our Quality Management System (QMS), to give clients high confidence in our repeatable processes and high-quality service delivery approach. With offices in Leesburg, VA and Bethesda, MD, and supporting local and federal government, educational, and commercial clients for two decades, Ashburn Consulting’s 60+ full time consulting professionals average 20+ years of technical experience in large-scale environments in the public sector, as well as backgrounds that encompass the full technology life cycle: analysis, design, planning, development, implementation, and ongoing support. This, combined with ongoing training and certification in the latest technologies collectively, Ashburn staff hold 100+ relevant IT certifications – allows us to engineer optimized, comprehensive solutions. Our goal is to establish long-term client and partner relationships where trust and value are established for assisting customers navigate business challenges and initiatives while leveraging our people to achieve their mission or business objectives.

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Our Mission

Solving client business and mission challenges with technology

To deliver to government and business clients the highest caliber of IT consulting. We believe this is only possible by deploying a select team of seasoned specialists who are passionate about their craft and innovative in their use of technology.

Our Niche

Building, Managing, and Securing Networks.

A Culture built on values

At Ashburn Consulting we value our customers and employees and providing exceptional service to both.

  1. T – Teamwork
    Teamwork: Our foundation is built on the power of collaboration and unity. We believe in harnessing the collective intelligence and creativity of our team to solve complex problems, innovate, and achieve our common goals. Emphasizing teamwork ensures that every project benefits from diverse perspectives, fostering an environment where all members support each other with humility and a shared commitment to excellence.
  2. E – Expertise
    Expertise: Our commitment to maintaining a high level of senior technical expertise is unwavering. We prioritize continuous learning, professional development, and knowledge sharing to ensure our team remains at the forefront of our industry. This dedication to expertise allows us to offer innovative solutions and exceptional service, demonstrating our technical prowess and professional integrity in every task we undertake.
  3. A – Agility
    Agility: In a rapidly changing world, our agility is our strength. It empowers us to adapt quickly to new challenges, pivot in response to changing client needs, and embrace innovation with open arms. Our agile approach is grounded in a deep understanding of our field, enabling us to move swiftly and efficiently without compromising on the quality or ethics of our work.
  4. M – Mutual Respect
    Mutual Respect: Central to our values is the principle of mutual respect. We nurture an inclusive culture that values each individual’s contributions, ensuring everyone is treated with dignity and consideration. This mutual respect fosters a positive work environment, enhances teamwork, and is essential for building strong, respectful partnerships with our clients and within our community.
  5. The “TEAM” acronym—Teamwork, Expertise, Agility, Mutual Respect—encapsulates our core values and reflects our commitment to not only achieving technical excellence and innovation but also fostering a work culture characterized by ethical behavior, professional integrity, and a respectful, collaborative spirit. Come TEAM with us and find out!