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Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Cloud services are infrastructure, platforms, or software and support hosted by third-party providers and made available to users through the internet. Cloud services facilitate user data flow from front-end clients to the provider’s systems and back through the internet. Cloud services support building and using applications and the flexibility of working in the cloud.

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Everyone is on the cloud today. As the availability and versatility of cloud services continue to expand, so will their applications in the business world. Whether a company extends existing on-premises software or moves 100% to the cloud, these services simplify the delivery of operation-critical apps and data. Cloud services are transforming how people work — and the ways businesses operate. Ashburn Consulting helps you leverage a full range of cloud services and providers based on what is optimal for your business. Our Cloud Services include:

  • Virtualization/Modernization
  • Hybrid Data Center Security and Network Architecture
  • Data Center Migration (Application assessment and Migration Services)
  • Infrastructure Design & Integration
  • Secure Cloud Architecture
  • Private/Public Cloud Migration
  • Micro-segmentation
  • Business Continuity/COOP
  • Disaster Recovery/ISCP
  • Cloud Governance, Policy and Compliance
  • Data Backup and Recovery


Our solutions enhance your ability to scale by relieving you of the need to invest in on-premise resources or allocate extra IT staff. Enjoy lowered costs, increased flexibility, and peace of mind with us.

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