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Seamless Disaster Recovery

Seamless Disaster Recovery

Technology underpins practically every part of a business today, but the more we rely on our tools, networks, and applications, the more we have to lose if they fail us. That is why every business needs a plan to quickly restore and recover IT systems in the event of a failure – in other words, a disaster recovery plan.

The benefits of a disaster recovery plan

A disaster recovery (DR) plan reduces damage or disruption and ensures recovery as quickly as possible in the event of a disaster that leads to system failure. The goal is to minimize the costs resulting from losses of, or damage to, the resources or capabilities of your IT facilities.

Creating a disaster recovery plan can also have immediate benefits. For instance, because developing the plan involves conducting an audit of your IT assets and agreements, you will better understand the IT structure, know who is responsible for which assets, and when they need to recover systems and restore backups.

Create an effective disaster recovery plan

Your disaster recovery plan might look good on paper, but without practical backing to support its implementation and activation, it is unlikely to live up to its promise.

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Define roles

For any disaster recovery plan to work, it needs people. These people should know their roles and receive training to have the necessary knowledge should the unspeakable happen.

Establish a communication plan

A communication plan names and records the departments and employees involved in the DR plan, with the relevant contact details. It should also include vendors, partners, and customers.

Regular testing

As your business grows and its IT infrastructure changes, your DR plan needs to keep pace with those changes through regular audits and tests.

Having a well-tested disaster recovery plan is the best investment for the future. There is little doubt that disaster recovery, or business continuity, is a requirement for almost all businesses. Our reliance on IT systems has made a solid, repeatable disaster recovery plan even more critical. Do not wait for a disaster to happen — make sure you have a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan with a trusted provider.

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