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Windows Media conversion to stream live to USTREAM


Windows Media conversion to stream live to USTREAM

Our Client owns old Vbrick Encoders that can only encode Windows Media video format. This is a big problem if the video stream is being offered for Public viewing to support a wide variety of devices (Tablets, IPADs, IPhones, Android devices, Macs, PCs, etc.). To avoid purchasing at least two new $10k H.264 encoders and the need to build a new media server, we are going to use 3 types of software running from a PC or laptop. Make sure the the PC has a fast cpu and at least 4 Gigs of ram to run this type of setup.

Here’s an overview of the rally setup showed in the diagram below.


Here’s a diagram that shows traffic flow:


The 3 applications that will need to run in the PC are:
  1. Windows Media Player or VLC Player (Will play the Windows Media stream from the Vbrick Encoder)
  2. Telestream Screencast (provides a screencapture from the PC’s display)
  3. USTREAM Producer software (Grabs the screencapture from Telestream Screencast and other display sources like a Webcam, IP Camera, video device, etc.)
In order to stream to USTREAM outbound and watch Ustream streams you have to create the following stateful firewall rules to the Internet:

•Outgoing TCP destination port 80, 443 to any IP (WEB)

•Outgoing TCP destination port 1935 to any IP (RTMP – this is used to deliver the stream)


1. Make sure that the Vbrick encoders are online and has live streaming enabled.

2. From the PC, open either Windows Media Player or VLC player and play the video URL configured in the Vbrick.








3. Once video is playing, open the Telestream Desktop Presenter software. Choose the Source display and the Selection portion. In this case it’s just a certain region of the screen so pick “Select Screen Region” under “Selection”. A small box will show up that can be cropped and resized to the portion of the screen you want to show. Hit “ENTER” to save the cropped region. The software is now doing a live screen capture. You have an option there to also capture audio from your PC.












4. Open USTREAM Producer, login to your USTREAM account, pick the broadcast channel you have set from your account. You will need to setup a new “Remote Desktop Presenter” display source. Why Remote Desktop? This is because USTREAM Producer will need to connect to the Telestream Desktop Presenter software from Step 3 to pull the screen capture. Give your Remote Desktop Source a new name.



5. In the USTREAM Producer, add the “Remote Desktop” profile you set from step 4 into the Master Layer. Just hit the “monitor icon” and add the remote desktop name or profile you’ve set from step 4.


6. Once you see the right thumbnail display render from what you are playing from Windows Media or VLC player, highlight the thumbnail in the Master Layer section and then hit the “Stream” button at the upper left hand corner of the application.

If video streaming to USTREAM pauses from time to time, you can adjust the resolution and traffic rate. Go to: Output, then “Output Settings”



7. Test by pulling up the video webpage from UStream.

Download the USTREAM Producer software here:

Download the Telestream Desktop Presenter from here: